Oh Myyyy!!

Sorry I have been away so long…life has been crazy busy!! I am almost done with a new project, just putting on a few finishing touches before I unleash it, LOL !!

I have learned over the last couple of weeks just how true it is that when you throw your desires out to the universe, everything you want really can be yours. Of course it takes work (my new project is a testament to that!) but just being open to what comes your way, and not stressing at every little setback, makes it all worthwhile in the end. I have had some seriously hot playtimes lately (unfortunately, not the picture taking kind 😉 ), am considering a very naughty young lady for my very own and am looking forward to so many new adventures! Mistress Storm and I are working diligently on our new project, but there was more involved than either of us expected, so hopefully that will be up and running by mid-summer. You guys are gonna love it !!

Speaking of Mistress Storm, I finally have the time to head to Tempe tomorrow for some playtimes, so I will be playing in Tempe with Mistress Storm Friday, May 25…I know it is the start of the long holiday weekend, but I hope you boys will take an hour and come see us, I am in the mood for much naughtiness, and I think we are gonna be doing some picture taking, if you are lucky, you might get in on that 😉 Who wouldn’t want to spend time with the two hottest, sexiest and naughtiest Dommes in town??



P.S.  What do you think of the term ThinkSexsm ???  Keep your eye open for it, you might be seeing it a little bit more often 😉