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A man married to an unfaithful wife.

tr.v.  cuck·old·ed, cuck·old·ing, cuck·olds

To make a cuckold of.

Seems like a pretty simple definition, right? But cuckolding, being cuckolded, being a cuckold, is so much more complicated than this definition seems to imply, at least when it comes to the cuckold fetish.  Any man who’s wife or girlfriend is unfaithful can be considered a cuckold, but it takes a special kind of guy to want to be cuckolded, and to find sexual pleasure in his cuck status.

Being a cuckold, in the fetish/BDSM sense of the word, is an exercise in mental and emotional masochism, a form of humiliation that the cuck finds sexually exciting. In order for a cuck to really get the humiliation he craves, it must involve a personal, intimate relationship between him and the woman, so it is almost always his wife or girlfriend (known as the Hot Wife). It is that personal, intimate relationship, combined with the perceived failure of the cuck to satisfy his partner thus forcing her to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction, that creates the humiliation that the cuck craves, that mental/emotional hurt that a cuck thrives on.  Many female led relationships may include some form of cuckolding, including forcing the cuck to be the one to find the partners for his Hot Wife as well as something like enforced chastity to further remind the cuck of his humiliating position within the relationship.  I must interpose here and say that I honestly do not know if something similar happens in gay male couples, but I will look around and see if I can find that out!

Now you could see a Dominatrix like me, and get a semi-sorta cuck session, where you might be made to get me and my Bull ready for our fun while you are tied up and forced to watch, and you might have to do some cleanup after we were done having our fun,  but it really wouldn’t be a cuckold session in the true sense of the word and the fetish, it is more like you are getting to (in a limited way) participate in and watch some live porn 😉  I prefer a more realistic experience. Couples often come see me, and, depending on our agreed scenario, I (since I like girls) am the one to show him just how much better I am at pleasing his s/o than he is (some verbal humiliation thrown in can really add to the cuck experience) or my Bull (who is very well hung and very, very talented) would give her the experience of her life, all while you, the poor, pathetic little cuck can only sit there helplessly and watch.

That is what gets a cuck off.

I have a personal play partner who sometimes enjoys being made to dress up and do housework while I am “entertaining”. I am happy to feed this fetish for him, even though he has no trouble satisfying me, because I understand his need for this type of scene. He doesn’t feel any of the typical humiliation or mental/emotional anguish that a true cuck would gladly suffer, but it is his form of the fetish and one I tend to enjoy myself 🙂 Again, not really a true cuckold situation, but similar, just like the experience you might get when you visit a Dominatrix. But for a true cuck, nothing beats knowing just how pathetic they are when it comes to providing a satisfying sexual experience for their s/o.

If you and your s/o are interested in exploring a cuckold relationship and are looking for advice, let me know and we can get together to plan the path to your new relationship!