I Think 2015 Will Be The Year I Let My Inner Sadist Out to Play :D

“But Kiley” I am sure you are thinking “your inner sadist is kinda scary!”


My inner sadist is hungry…

hungry to mark your tender flesh

hungry to poke you with poky things, hit you with hitty things, shock you with shocking things

hungry to see the anticipation (or is that fear?) in your eyes

hungry to hear you beg me to stop, even though we both know that’s not what you really want

Of course, my knee is still available for naughty young men who need a good spanking, I have the most comfortable strap on in the world, and I still enjoy all those things…

But this year, I definitely want to feed the sadist.

Starting my day off leaving handprints on a tasty behind is an excellent beginning 😀




PS…As I am sure you have all noticed, I have not had an ad on Backpage for a very long time. Put one up today, nice to see that some people are still just as full of themselves as ever! I have also changed a few things around here, including I will only schedule sessions via email (unless you are already a favored playmate 😉 so if you are new to me, email me, and make sure you are polite or I will ignore the heck out of you!