Oh My Pervy Darlings!! I Am In LOVE !!! Please Meet the New Love in My Life!!


An absolutely delicious play partner gifted me this PES electro-stim unit, along with two cock torture attachments…you can learn more about PES here!! https://www.peselectro.com/

In the pic are the two attachments…a cock ring and a ring that goes on the head of your cock, with nice little cockhead stimulatrs to add to your torment…and my fun 😈

There are at least three other attachments I absolutely must have…a flexible one for wrapping around your testicles, a urethral probe and an anal probe, sooooo necessary for my enjoyment, LOL!!!


There is so much more room here for other attachments!

See how comfy it looks?

See how comfy it looks?

You guys know how much I love the sounds you make, and this, WOW!! the sounds from the gents who have experienced it (I have only had it a  week and have enjoyed it a whole lot!) are intoxicating, so HOT !

So for all my electro-junkies out there, let’s play! It only goes up to 10, but I promise you, 10 will blow you away 😈