Hello my darling pervs!

Hey, look!! I made it here in just a couple of months, rather than a year, LOL !! This has been a looooong hot summer, and I am so glad it is almost over. School is moving right along, just a couple more classes then an internship…so exciting!! I have been keeping busy spanking some very naughty bottoms, and a few other pervy exploits, but mainly I have just been studying and writing – boring!

I wanted to come share something with y’all. Every week, over on my reflexology/body rub page: http://www.caressbykiley.com/ I share some tips or info on all kinds of things, from kissing to oral sex, from relationships to the science behind why hugs feel so good. August has been anal sex month and we spent some time talking about pegging, one of my favorite activities!! Recently, I had a very nice young man come visit me from across the country, and he gave me a very sexy lap dance, then bent right over and allowed me to introduce him to my nice, average size cock…by the time we were done, he took something a bit bigger and loved every minute – SO MUCH FUN !! So to continue what we are talking about over there, over here I am going to share some techniques for making pegging a really good experience – and a little about why I like doing it so much πŸ™‚ You might want to let your wife or girlfriend read the rest 😈


Most important, find a strap that you like and that fits you comfortably. It needs to fit pretty snugly, to hold the dildo close to your body during fucking, but you don’t want it to be so snug that it is uncomfortable. Basically, once you put it on, you want to be able to forget it is there. I wear a pair of these: http://www.rodeoh.com/shop.html – they are so comfortable! And the opening for the dildo will accomodate a couple of different sizes which is important.

Next, pick out a couple of different sizes of dildo, ones that will fit in the strap you have chosen. BE CHOOSY ABOUT YOUR DILDOS!! I only use silicon toys, mainly from Tantus – silicon is super easy to keep clean and there is none of the gross chemical smell you get from those gross jelly or rubber toys…just think of all the chemicals oozing off those toys and into you, blech!! Having a couple of different sizes is good in case one is too big OR too small…a quick switch and back to pegging !!
Now that he’s clean and you are strapped up, pick a position! You can try standing, with him on his knees, doggy-style, or on his back, kinda of missionary style, or spooning…figure out the position that will be most comfortable and will allow you full access, with your fingers and your “cock”.

So, he is all clean, you are all strapped up, you’ve got your lube and gloves handy and you have decided on a position – now it’s time for some fun!!

I like to start with one or two gloved and very lubed up fingers…remember, there is no such thing as too much lube!! If this is his first anal experience, use one finger and only go in a little bit…you want to start slowly and gently stretching those muscles. Once he’s comfortable, slide your finger in a little deeper, maybe do a little prostate massage to get him started, a little of the old “in and out” (lube up good!!!)…if you are only using one finger, try two, but do it slow, and let those muscles relax around your fingers before you start going deeper.

Now, the moment of truth…lube up that dildo (you might even consider a condom on the dildo, they really do help things move more smoothly and easier cleanup, too!) then lube it up just a little more! Then just like with your fingers, start slow, slide in just a little to let his muscles get used to the size (I promise I will only put in the tip 😈 ) Once he’s comfortable, slipping in the rest of the way should be fairly smooth and you are on your way to pegging heaven!

Remember how I said you want a strap that fits snugly? Your strap might have a place for little vibrating egg, just for your pleasure, or it might fit just right to hit you in all the right spots with each thrust…that is really hot!

Personally, I like my BOB (bend over boyfriend, lol!!) on his back, legs up in the air (or wrapped around my waist or over my shoulders)…I find I get excellent penetration this way, plus I get to play with his cock too, and most of my pervy friends know how I feel about playing with cocks, honestly, if I woke up tomorrow morning with a real, attached one, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off it!!Β  πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry if he doesn’t get hard, even if he seems to be enjoying it, some guys lose their erections and some don’t, and don’t be suprised if he cums really fast, that prostate stimulation from the fucking can make that happen for some guys in no time!

So there you go, some tipsΒ  on pegging…just remember, lube it, lube it some more, then lube it again and if it hurts, stop – pegging shouldn’t be painful (unless that’s what you are into) so relax, talk about what went wrong, and maybe try again another time.

But most of all, relax and have fun with it…pegging can be an incredibly intimate experience for partners to share so give it a try!!