Happy 2017 You Naughty Pervs!

How is everyone?? I hope you are all doing very well!! Once again, I have managed to be away for a while, but during that time, guess what??

I finished school….YAY ME !! 😀 😀 😀

So yes, now I have a degree in torturing naughty pervs like you!! And over the next few months/rest of the year, my schedule may fluctuate quite a bit as I jump through the all the bureaucratic hoops.

I was very sad to learn that Miss Fortunes died. To you boys who knew her and loved her, I send you loving, healing thoughts – it is never easy to lose someone you have shared intimate and personal parts of you life with.

If you are freaking out about BackPage, I hear ya, we all are too. I am also on Max Fisch, and I am trying to check in there every day…it is a nice site, but so quiet – let’s liven it up, ok? I also have an ad on Dickie Virgin, and I am sure you can find me in a few other places, but you can always come here, too! Now, what else have I been up to? Well, I got some absolutely excellent birthday and Christmas presents, see??

I got this:

So I could do this:

and this:

and this:

and I gotta say, I could fuck you in the ass for HOURS now!  HOURS!  LOL !!

Plus, I got these:

So I could do this:

I LOVE my new toys, and the wonderful friends who gifted me with them…we have so much more fun to have with these lovely gifts!

Let’s see – I have also

Tortured some various bits:

I have some lovely CrossDressers that I have been so fortunate to meet:

I’ve played with some chastity (btw, if you might be interested in doing some long-term chastity, I might be willing to hear what you have in mind) and of course, I have played with some rope!!

So I am as pervy as ever, and it seems like I might be getting pervier in my old age, LOL !!

I luvs you all, my pervs, and I hope we all get a chance to play sometime 🙂