It Is Soooooooo Hot!!!

OMG you guys…I honestly don’t know how many more summers I can take of this heat, blech!!

I think it makes me more sadistic, I swear! I had a very nice masochist come for a visit, and I only stopped because my shoulder tired out, LOL! I kept finding places, and he kept encouraging me, so…sometimes life is good for a very kinky girl like me 😉

I did a couple more posts, so you could see a couple few more pics. I have a feeling I have a ton of pics you haven’t seen yet, but I haven’t had a chance to look through them all. When I get a chance, I will share more! And I will ty to do a better job of coming here and harrassing you all 😀

Couple of really important things…if you want to see me, please note that unless I already know you, email is THE ONLY WAY to schedule time with me, and I will not respond if you are stupid in any way. Also, if you schedule something with me, then don’t bother to follow through, you will never have another opportunity to see me, and I will share your info with the other Dommes in town, so they won’t see you either. It doesn’t happen often because I don’t see new people very often but it is so disrespectful to pull that bullshit, I want the world to know what an asshole you are for fucking around like that.

Now that I am done being a bitch, go look at more pretty pictures, and let’s play!




P.S. I am trying to figure out how to upload a couple of naughty little videos, one I learn that, you all will be the firsts to know, LOL!!