Gonna Try Something Fun This Week!! — Cancelled !!

Super sad we had to cancel, but it is OK, it will happen again one of these days – keep your eyes opn for the next show!





Hello my darling pervs!!

So I have a couple of very naughty friends who love to show off

Now I would love to be able to have groups of my girlfriends come over and hang out so my naughty friends can perform for us, but honestly that is just not practical!

So I put on my thinking cap, and I got on the Interwebs, and I found this:


So guess what I am doing??? 

Our first little show will be this coming Tuesday, August 22, at about 1030 AM, maybe a little later, but between 1030 and 11 AM for sure. Now he is not a kinkster, so no BDSM type stuff, and no, you won’t see me getting naked, you might only just see my hands, this is just for him to show off for an audience, with a little help from me

The account is miss_kiley_and_her_boytoys…come watch on Tuesday!!