~Not kink related ;)~ College Football

No this is not kink related, although I could certainly imagine giving some college football players a good spanking or two, LOL !!

I’ve not been a big fan of college football, even now when I should be, and I’ve never really understood the whole BCS thing, but this past week I have been reading a series of investigative articles in the Arizona Republic (find them here: BCS) on the BCS, including the Fiesta Bowl. The big brouhaha over the Fiesta Bowl and all of its woes this last year initiated this series of articles, and I just have one thing to say:


Individual schools lose money playing in these games, while the non-profit organizations that put on these games make millions? The CEO’s of these non-profits get paid fortunes? Meanwhile the players, the ones actually doing the work, playing the games, taking the risks, get in trouble because they sell a shirt with THEIR name on it?

How does this work? What is wrong with this picture? This seems nuts to me…the ones who are the reason their schools are in these games get shit, while the bigwigs, who probably never played football a day in their lives, make money hand over fist on the backs of these players.

Like I said, I’ve never really paid much attention to college football, but I am trying to at least be a little interested (school spirit and all 😉 ) so maybe I am way off base with my thoughts. Feel free to comment here, and let’s have a discussion about this…maybe you have some way of making this all make sense? Just keep it civil boys, or I will get out the cane!