Body Rubs? Why the hell not!!!

I have been extra cranky lately, so last night I had a good talk with myself hoping I could figure out what was wrong. I knew something was off in my personal energy, so I thought about it and figured it out.


I have been so much in charge over the last year or so (and even moreso lately) that my submissive side hasn’t had a chance to express herself. I need to be able to balance the two sides of me and it just hasn’t been happening, so here is what I am gonna do!!

Body Rubs and even, if you like, a little bondage combined with a nice massage. Sounds good, right? I’ve heard you body rub boys are super polite, extra clean and just general sweethearts and I would love to treat you to a nice rubdown.

I love massage…the energy exchange is amazing! I love the feel of hard, tight muscles turning to putty under my hands and I love knowing that as those muscles relax, so do  you, which in turn relaxes me. Yes, I am kinda still in charge, but it’s different. It is very much more service oriented and geared way more for your pleasure, which feeds the service submissive in me. I really love doing it, and since I do it on occasion now, why not just offer it as a regular service?

A half hour, which can even include a little prostate massage if you like, is $100. Really it is more like 30-45 minutes, and sometimes it seems like it is over before it even gets started. I don’t even mind a little mutual touching, particularly if you are as polite and gentlemanly as I have heard 😉  If you want longer, or you want to include extra kinkiness, regular tribute applies, so make sure  you come prepared!




  1. Stormy
    Nov 5, 2011

    Glad you’re making the leap!! I love doing body rubs, and truth be told, body rub guys are a totally different breed. Respectful, polite, charming, and across the board FUN. You and I are very much alike, so I know you understand when I say that after a nice long rub (giving), I am SO relaxed that it’s almost like I was on the receiving end instead. Congrats, darling. I hope you have fun with it.

  2. MistressKiley
    Nov 5, 2011

    Thanks so much honey !! Cannot wait to see you next week !!