Fat Chicks and Sex

So I read this article this morning:


and since I am a fat chick who loves sex, I had to stop and think for a minute…did I get into some of the sexual things I am into because I am a fat chick who was looking for love and thought the only to get it was with sex?

Nope, not me !! I do not doubt that there are women out there who do that, just like I do not doubt that there are women in this world who became sexually active because they were too skinny, or because they wore braces that made them feel unattractive, or because they didn’t have big boobs so they felt unattractive…I can think of a whole laundry list of reasons why women with bad body images might start fucking around in order to get attention from men, but none of them really fit me.

I like sex because it feels fucking amazing!! Even if it is just me and the Hitachi, it feels so damn good, who wouldn’t like it? It’s fun, it’s challenging (yes, even though I am a fat chick I am pretty darn flexible 😉 ) but most importantly, I think, it makes people happy, and that is the most powerful feeling in the world. To think that, with the touch of my hands, the sound of my voice or even the smack of my paddle I am  making someone happy makes me the most powerful woman in the world! So I take that feeling and I put it to work in all areas of my life. I LOVE knowing that the power of my words makes professors want me in their classes, I love knowing that the guy I chatted with at school yesterday walked away a little happier in his day and I love knowing that each and every one of the pervs that I have had the chance to play with has had their lives enriched in some way because of me.

Who wouldn’t love feeling like that, every single day?

So the next time you have really awesome sex (whether it is with a fat chick or not)  think about how you feel afterward, then take that feeling with you when you go to work, or to the grocery store…see if you can make someone feel that good by just being nice to them. It might not be quite as good as that post-orgasm feeling, but trust me, it gets better and better the more you do it. We all have the power to make people feel good, in and out of bed, so why not use it?

And that is why I am a fat chick who loves sex…not because I need approval, or need reassurance, or am looking for love, but because it makes people happy…

And that makes me amazing.



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  1. Stormy
    Feb 21, 2012

    Great post, Kiley! Very thought-provoking. I don’t have sex because I need love (if love were gold, I’d be richer than Oprah), or am seeking acceptance. I have sex because I LOVE SEX.

    Sex is so many wonderful things, and can be utilized for one, a few, or all of the following reasons:

    * It’s a way to express affection/love
    * It’s a way relax & alleviate stress
    * It’s a way to create new life
    * It’s a way to heal from grief or abuse when done in a healthy manner
    * It can strengthen the bond between partners
    * It can open you up to new levels of trust for someone
    *It can boost your confidence
    *If nothing else, it’s a way to cut loose and have a great time

    And I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting.

    But, why do people find it so strange that fat people fuck too? Do they really think it’s that hard for us to find partners? Attractive ones at that? My boyfriend’s one of the hottest men on two legs, and my last few lovers have had bodies that can and do rival Michaelangelo’s David, with faces that were even prettier. I know I’m not the only fat chick who gets with hot guys that are NOT merely fat fetishists (in fact, my current lover would probably be offended at the term-he just digs me, is fascinated with me, and finds me incredibly sexy).

    I don’t know if fat chicks are better in bed. Maybe we have an edge because we’re not as uptight and worried about making sure we’re in the best light, or whether our ass looks big when we’re being fucked from behind. But, beyond that I have no clue.

    I’d love to hear comments from your readers, and I think I might put a link in my own blog to this one of yours.

    Again, GREAT POST!!!