Contacting Miss Kiley


This is the ONLY way to contact Me to introduce yourself and request time with me.

I do want to know where your interests lie, but I will not discuss any details with you about the session beyond scheduling an appointment.

My interests swing from sensual spankings to hardcore CBT and beyond. I have real, lifestyle experience in virtually all forms of BDSM and I am very newbie friendly, however, be prepared to have an initial conversation with me about your experience level and desires.

I am not looking for service or worship, I want to know your kink, then I want to use it for my pleasure. I don’t need you to clean my house or wash my car, I need you to give me the freedom to show you just how much better the reality is over the fantasy.

I am available Sundays and Mondays by appointment only between the hours of 10 AM and 5PM; other times MAY BE possible with advance scheduling and ONLY if you are an existing play partner. I do keep some time open for same day appointments, so it never hurts to try if you absolutely must see me one day, but most of my time is spoken for in advance, so I highly suggest you contact me in advance of your desired day and time.

In your initial contact, I expect you to be polite. Crude or rude language, or emails that are demanding or overly explict will be ignored.

I expect you to know your availability and request that day and time in your initial contact, particularly if you are looking for something within a day or two of your inquiry.

Same day appointments may be available !!

If you are looking for a future date, I am happy to share some emails with you as we prepare for your future visit, but my emails will not be in any way masturbation material and if you attempt to create an overly sexual atmosphere with your emails, rest assured they will be ignored.