A Menu of Perversions

The rumors you have heard are true, I am a kinky fucker!!

Tell me your kinks…I want to know what desires lurk in your head. I will take those kinks, those dark desires of yours and exploit them, using them for my very own pleasure. I will find your limits, take you to them, and maybe, together, we can blow them away…

Here are just a few of the things of particular interest to me. If you don’t see your interests here, email me and let’s discuss them, you might be pleasantly surprised at what I enjoy!

Crossdressers and Sissy Boys: I absolutely adore a boy in panties. Panties, bra and stockings? Fabulous !! Heels, a nice slutty skirt and a sexy top? You may become My favorite new strip-tease artist, and I hope you give an excellent lap-dance!! Lacy, frilly, cotton, makes no difference to Me, bring them all and give Me a show ♥♥

Anal and strap-on play:  I really enjoy fisting, it is an amazing experience, and if you are interested, and have experience (fisting doesn’t happen overnight), definitely contact me. Of course, fisting is definitely not for everyone, so I have other back door games we can play 😉 That lap-dance you give me could become even more entertaining !!

 Pain sluts: Crave the pain? I love to have my skills tested in the realms of pain. I have some very evil little hitty things that make such pretty designs, and various other special things that will make you go “Oooooooh”. One of the first things I will want to know is how much I can mark you. But don’t worry, I don’t break my toys, I like playing with them far too much !!

CBT and CBB: Ever had your naughty little bits tied up and tortured? Darn, we might just have to give you a taste of that. I have some very “crushing” toys that you may enjoy, and a little “fire and ice” is definitely a good time! Come play the “helicopter” game with me, I just know you will love it. It certainly puts a smile on my face!

Small Penis Humiliation, Ruined Orgasms and Tease ‘n Denial: Is it wrong to love playing with cocks as much as I do? Not only to do I enjoy the torture of a nice cock, I also LOVE teasing…nice gentle stroking, paying such close attention to all the spots that always feel so good, unless, of course, your cock is just so pathetic I don’t even want to touch it!! 😉

Electrical Play: Me and my electrical toys love to come out andplay 😉 I have a violet wand, a butt plug and a cock cage that are electrifying and a handheld tens unit that I would be more than happy to introduce you to.

Role Playing:

“Young man, you have some explaining to do about this smut I found in your room!”…

 “Mr. Jones, your work just hasn’t been up to par lately, show me why I shouldn’t fire you RIGHT NOW!”…

 “You know what you need to do to get an “A” in Miss Kiley’s class, don’t you?”

 But I caution you, when we are roleplaying, your session starts the minute you walk in the door, so be very, very prepared.

Forced Bi Scenes:  I just can’t help it…I think watching a compliant, well-behaved, willing-to-please me young man taking a cock in his mouth for the first time is a HUGE turn-on! The willingness to please just gets my motor running. Once you and I have an established relationship, this type of play is definitely on the menu. I have an assortment of friends who can make this type of scene a reality for you! And of course, this can also be included in a cuckold scenario…you as my “fluff and cleanup boy”?

And Ladies, feel free to bring that sissy boy hubby of yours and let’s show him just what it takes to satisfy you!

Switch Play: I have played on both sides of the kinky fence for many, many years, and have several of my own favorite kinks. If you are interested in learning how to do something, or you have something you like doing but have no one to do it to, first visit my Excellence in Submission page, then email me,  and we can discuss a little switching of our roles 😉

I have a collection of floggers you will never see anywhere  else, my singletail will light you up and I have trained with some amazing rope bondage masters in the art of making sure you cannot get away.

 Oh, by the way, I also LOVE misbehaving young ladies, so if you have a naughty girl who needs some correction, bring her to Me, I will get her straightened out .

NO sexual activities are implied or condoned by myself or  this site. This site does not promote prostitution nor is this advertisement or any content therein an offer for prostitution. Professional BDSM and Fetish services do not typically include sexual activities. Money exchanged is for Alternative Lifestyle Coaching and anything beyond that is a choice made between two consenting adults and not contracted for by the site or myself.