Two Girls, One…

YOU !!! LOL !! This Friday, December 2, I will be hanging out in Tempe with Mistress Storm at her super cool playspace. Topping, bottoming, body rubbing…no matter how cold it may be outside, I guarantee we will be nice and toasty HOT !! inside 😉 If you want to come see us together, I suggest getting your request in early, then making sure you show up on time, clean, polite and ready to have some fun 🙂 Oh,  here’s a couple of new pics:   And pervs? Birthday in...

You guys have no idea how much fun it is

to be a dirty, kinky, perverted girl like me. No fucking idea. Seriously. 😉 K

Just a few more day, pervs !!

Let the countdown begin…birthday in 7!!   😉 K

Bummed :(

So my new personal play partner and I got misconnected today…he was available when I wasn’t, so I got lots of pent-up stuff !! He is gonna be in trouble on Wednesday, hope he can keep up, LOL !! And my spanko buddy sent me a couple more pics:   Shall I go visit with Mistress Storm on Friday? I think I shall !! More later… 😉 K

Sunday randomness :)

Bet you didn’t know I love hugging and kissing, did you? I met a new guy last week for some personal time, and he is an excellent kisser…I cannot wait to find out what else he is excellent at 😉 Hugging and kissing, even just a peck on the cheek, are really good for us physically and psychologically as well. One of my spanko buddies sent me some different pics:   Another week and a half and I get a break from school…I soooo need it, and I want that four week break to be the kinkiest four weeks EVAH !!! Some days I definitely feel like I am close to 50…but then I get over it 😉 Pigtails and a schoolgirl skirt help a lot 😀 This new game “Skyrim” lives in my house now, what a beautiful game !! I don’t play video...