Friday in Tempe !!

I am going to in Tempe this Friday with Mistress Storm. Fun things will be happening after the first of the year that include me spending a couple days a week there at her playspace, which means she and I have evil, naughty plotting and planning to do…Game Day is coming!!! So, if you want to see the two of us this Friday, get your time reserved early. I say this every time, and every time someone gets disappointed so don’t wait until the last minute. I usually leave Tempe around 4 so I don’t have terrible traffic driving home, but if I know someone has reserved an evening time, I will stick around…gotta make sure all the good pervs get a reward !! See you Friday !! 😉 K

Off in fantasy land !!

So the last few days I find myself staring off into space, thinking some very naughty thoughts 😉 One of my favorite boys gifted me a beautiful massage table that is due to be delivered tomorrow !!! It has all sorts of excellent anchor points for bondage, and it is height adjustable, hopefully to just the right height…strapon will never be the same again 😀 I’ll post a pic once it is here and set up…soooooo excited !!! 😉 K

Merry Christmas pervs !!

I hope you all have a warm, wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. And for my Pagan/Wiccan friends, Merry Yule! I meant to post on the Solstice, but didn’t get a chance to…I didn’t get a chance to celebrate the Solstice, either, come to think of it but I will for sure be celebrating next year. Much love to you all !! 😉 K

I learned something new!!

We all know “Greek” is anal sex and “French” is oral sex… but did you know tit-fucking is called “Russian”?? Maybe not new to you, but I had no clue!! I wonder where “Russian” came from? 😉 K

What a great weekend !!

I asked for low key and I got it, you guys were wonderful 🙂 I am still not at 100%, so I think I will continue my low key special for the rest of this week 🙂 I think I can manage a little strap-on play as well, it just might not be as hard-core as I usually like to play…you know how much I like to take a nice bitch boy for a good ride 😉 My availability will be kinda weird for the next couple of days, but leave me a message or text me, and I will see if I can fit you in somewhere…I might even have a night or two free, we’ll see !! 😉 K