Oh Gosh !! I just LOVE hearing a subby boy beg!!

And today in Tempe I got two of them… <3 <3 <3 <3 Seriously, hearing “Please Mistress, please…” followed by whatever perversion I am doing at the time just drives me NUTS !! Love it !! And to hear one moan “oh yes, Mistress, I am such a whore”…chills !! 😉 K

Blech!! Sometimes I completely hate homework!!

I have done nothing but homework for three days (well, almost nothing, story coming 😉 ) but now it is done and I can spend tomorrow in Tempe with Mistress Storm without feeling like I am playing hooky !! One of my classes is only  7 weeks long, so it is packed every week with a ton of reading and lectures!! The nice thing is it will be over in another 3 weeks, which will be perfect timing !! Super Bowl…Giants and Pats!! Who wants to place a little wager on the game? I want the Giants to win, so if I win our little wager, I get to do whatever I want with you…if you and the Pats win, I get to do whatever I want to you, but I will let you give me five things you would prefer to make my choice from. Sounds fair, eh?? I think it sounds like FUN !! Oh,...

Change of plans !!! Mistress Storm is coming to visit ME tomorrow !!

Soooo excited !! We decided that instead of playing in Tempe tomorrow, Mistress Storm would come here and play in my place !! Of course, all the fun things we can do in Tempe, we can do here in North Phoenix as well, so get your requests in early, we will be ready to play all afternoon, and who knows, we might even move the party back down to Tempe for the evening !! And…Mistress Storm has gone and found herself a new Bull for playtimes…wanna see?? Looks fun, eh? So come see us tomorrow here in north Phoenix, it will be waaaay fun !! 😉 K  

I know what you are thinking, you know ;)

You are thinking “Hmmmm, I would love to play with Mistress Kiley on Friday, let her use me however she likes, be as naughty as she wants with me….but ohhhhhhh, Mistress Storm is so much fun too, she is as kinky as all get out and I really want to play with her too. What do I do ?!?!?! Which one should I choose ?!??!?!” Silly boys, you don’t have to choose on Fridays, you can have us both !! “Wh-wh-what ?!?!? I could get my deepest, kinkiest fantasies fulfilled by TWO deliciously deviant Dommes?!?!? But I don’t think I can properly tribute BOTH of them !!” Hmmmmmm, MATH HOMEWORK! My normal hourly tribute is typically $180, same as Mistress Storm….but, on this Friday, when there will be double the kink, double the...

New Pictures !!!!

This past Friday when I was with Mistres Storm, we took a little time out of our play day so she could take some new pics for me. It’s tough taking all my pics myself, and I wanted something a little different. She took TONS of pics, and I picked out a few to share here with you. First, though, a couple of pics from a couple of Fridays ago. We wrapped this willing boy up in stretch wrap, tortured him a bit with some tickling and some other playing around 😉 then we stretch wrapped him to the bed, and proceeded to drip hot wax allllll over him. It was so much fun !! We even signed our names before we unwrapped him.   We played a bit more after we unwrapped him, but that part is far too naughty for there to be pictures, or for me to tell you about...