Something I read this morning, and yes, it is about sex, LOL!!

I seem to have my mind in the sex gutter lately, wonder why?!? 😀 Anyhow, I read this particular blogger every week, he has a way of looking at the world that inspires me a bit, and sometimes he is just funny as hell!! I do yoga sometimes, but I don’t follow the world of yoga or anything like that, so I though it was an interesting article for that reason, but I love what he says on page 2: “Would you be interested to learn that real Tantric philosophy, by the way, has  almost nothing to do with sex as lustful orgasmic goal? That those cheesy Kama  Sutra books and related “Tantric sex” workshops are mostly a distortion, a myth,  a bastardized ad campaign...

I am gonna have to write a book and call it Cock Art!!

  You all know just how much I love playing with cocks. and honestly, some of the cock toys out there are so beautiful, I really can create works of cock art!! I’ve got another fun cock toy on its way, and it is…electrifying!! Cannot way to play with it, and you 😀 Oh, and for you guys with little tiny cocks, you know, those pathetic little cocks that you have a hard time finding?? Bring those to me too, I can have a good giggle when I am trying to get yours to look as good as the really nice cocks...

A Spanking! A Spanking!

I got a spanking !!! 😀 I actually have gotten more than one…my new dice game is a hit!! I have been able to give and take some really fun spankings since I got it, so thank you “J” for the fantastic fun game !! Hey, if I made mP3’s that you could download and use as ringtones, would you guys like that? You know, your phone could be me telling you to drop your pants and bend over, or telling you it is time for your spanking…think that would be fun? 😉 K  

LOLOLOL!! I stole this from Mistress Storms’s Blog….

definitely sign in and watch it… Well, do you?? 😉 K

I am NOT Confused !!

Dear Lesbians: When I ask you if you’d like to go out sometime, it means I like you and I would like to go out with you. Just because I am also seeing a couple of guys does NOT mean I am just confused!! I like women I like men No confusion. I promise. 😀 K