Help me help a friend…

You all know Mistress Storm and I are pretty close friends. Well I was reading her blog this morning, and it is almost her birthday (shhh, don’t tell her, but I am planning to give her a few birthday swats 😉 ) and she has a special deal for you naughty boys…go read it here: So I will offer a deal too, to help her reach her goal !! You boys pick something off her wish list for the animal shelter, bring it to me when you come for a session, and my donation will only be $120 for an hour, plus, I will match your donation. I figure, this way the shelter  gets the benefit of even more pervy boys, I get to have a hell of a lot of fun, and maybe, just...

So many exciting things on the horizon!

I only have a few more days before I am done with school for a while, HOORAY !! The distractions this Spring have been so tough…Spring makes me incredibly…um…”pagan” in the things I like to do, and being surrounded by the hotties in my life has made me even less inclined to pay attention to school, but it is all good, straight A’s are assured, so I won’t deserve a spanking, LOL !! The end of this school year is leading me to some exciting new personal/professional projects. I put it like that because it really is a combination of my personal desires being combined in a professional setting. BDSM, sex, relationships and intimacy are all huge in my life, and I have spent a great deal of my educational and personal time...

I kissed a girl !! ;)

OK, well I didn’t actually kiss her…there are some things that are much more fun than kissing 😉 Making girls cum is soooooooooooo hot 😀 😉 K P.S. And no,  no pics 😉

A very important lesson was learned in my house today ;)

Don’t suggest something to me unless you have every intention of going through with it, because, if I like the idea, it will happen… even if I have to hold your nose to get you to open your mouth and swallow the shot glass full of your own cum. Soooooooo hot !! 😉 K

You wanna know why I love what I do?

Because I get to meet and interact with the coolest, smartest, most interesting people in the world. <3 <3 <3   😉 K