I am looking for a photographer…

And not one of you pervs with a camera phone, LOL !! I need a professional photographer who can do some head shots for me, for my new project. If you are a professional, or if you know one you can recommend, please email me at Mistress_Kiley@yahoo.com. Send me a link to an online portfolio, if  you have one, or send me some samples of your work, and let’s chat! I am completely open to some sort of barter, and like I said, I am looking for some head shots, but who knows, I might want some other stuff too!! 😉 K

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

For those of you who have served, or are currently serving in defense of our country, I thank you for your service. For those who have lost loved ones in the service of our country, I send you healing love and light. And to those who have passed, who served our country bravely and well, and now know peace, I send you love. My daddy is one with you, may your families forever hold your memory close to their hearts. 🙂 K

Yes Indeed !!

  😉 K

Oh Myyyy!!

Sorry I have been away so long…life has been crazy busy!! I am almost done with a new project, just putting on a few finishing touches before I unleash it, LOL !! I have learned over the last couple of weeks just how true it is that when you throw your desires out to the universe, everything you want really can be yours. Of course it takes work (my new project is a testament to that!) but just being open to what comes your way, and not stressing at every little setback, makes it all worthwhile in the end. I have had some seriously hot playtimes lately (unfortunately, not the picture taking kind 😉 ), am considering a very naughty young lady for my very own and am looking forward to so many new adventures! Mistress Storm and I are working diligently on our...

May is National Masturbation Month !!

Isn’t it just too bad you are on restriction and have to ask permission first…all month long , LOLOLOLOLOL !!! I have a total thing about chastity, not just for you, but for me too (for only about an hour, that is, and only if it involves some kind of needles or piercings, drooooool 😀 ) and while I was finding the above pic, I found this one too: Soooooooooooo HOT !!!  I would totally do this !!! Now remember, you have to ask permission first 😀 😀 😀 😉 K PS… Want !!!  The Cock and Ball Pillory: http://www.extremerestraints.com/dungeon-furniture_18/the-cock-and-ball-pillory_192.html and Want !!! Jailhouse Chastity Device:...