When I am done training you to be my bitch-boy…

I am gonna auction your ass off to the highest bidder!! LOL!! I saw a clip from one of those “Scared Straight” shows, and the inmate used this line on one of the people they were “scaring straight”. I’m gonna start using it during strap-on sessions…sooooooooo hot !! Hmmmmmm, wonder how much I could get for a bitch-boy at auction?!? 😉 K P.S. I have pictures to post of the last doubles session Mistress Storm and I had, I will get them up soon, promise!!

Check out the HOT website I just found !!

http://www.cocksexual.com/home.html Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy !!! Now, if anyone wants to pay for a subscription for me, just let me know, I would LOVE IT !!! 😉 K

Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy :D

OK, you boys know I am not a size queen…I love playing with cocks of all shapes and sizes, but this one was so impressive, I just had to share. I do not have little hands…I can span an entire octave on a keyboard and the term “man hands” is pretty suitable for me, but I could barely get my hand around this cock. I have such plans……. 😀 😀 😀 😉 K

Hey !! Here is a really cool article !!

http://altvariety.com/the-rigging-dungeon/ A behind the scenes look at a professional dungeon…you might find it interesting. 😉 K

A Pathetic Worm

A young man presented himself to me for some long term training…please meet worm.   I will be working with worm here for at least this next week, and possibly longer, should I feel he is worthy or more of my attention, so  you will be seeing more of him, trust me 😀 Oh, and I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s...