A Ticklish Tale

Light bondage, he said. Of course, very light, but you won’t be able to get away, I said A blindfold? Oh definitely, adds an element of surprise if you don’t know where I will touch you next There he was, stretched out before me, naked and bound. I very lightly began… …to tickle him. Running my nails over his body, and finding the places that made him try to get away, made him squirm, made him strain against the ropes. After I covered his entire body, I went back to those spots, randomly…a tickle here, a tickle there, circling him, coming at him from different angles, finding the really good spots and tickling them relentlessly, until he couldn’t breath. Then a break, while I chose my next target…different sides of his...

Who’s Next?!?

    Bring this with you and wait outside my office, I will be with you shortly and we will take care of your little discipline issues. 😉 K

Such An Erotic Experience!!!

OMG !! OK, you boys know I have been offering body rubs now for about 8 or 9 months, and recently I started offering very light bondage to go along with it. Every once in a while I get a brave soul who is willing to give up that little bit of control and I must admit, they are such incredibly hot sessions! But today, oh today I had possibly one of the most erotic sessions I have ever had. An absolutely yummy gent came to see me last week for a simple body rub and it was very nice. We chatted, and I told him about this site and some of the kinky perversions I have. Well he came here to the site, took a look around and came back to see me today, this time for two of my absolutely favorite things in the world, rope bondage and spanking! We started with some light...

Sunday is Officially Bondage Day !!

I have said it before, and I will say it again, if you want to do really fun, really good bondage, you have to have the time to spend with me, an hour just is not enough time !! I got to spend a fun couple of hours today, not only tying  him up, but doing some other fun stuff as well !! Here’s some pics, and a couple of little, really short videos, one of the helicopter game that I learned from one of the Ladies From Hades on Fetlife, and one of his cock, hooked up to the electro-shock cock ring and enjoying a little jazz…enjoy!! helicopter (This is the helicopter game, really short, but sooooo much fun…at least for Me 😀 ) jazz cock (This is just pure entertainment…his cock was really enjoying the electroshock AND the music!! ) OK,...

I couldn’t even get a dollar!!!

Tee hee hee !! I had a most excellent playtime yesterday that I must share with you all…I know I have been neglecting you, but I have been super busy lately with tons of other stuff going on (and blogging on another blog, don’t worry, I will share with you soon) but yesterday was sooooo much fun!! I even made a little short video with my new phone, so I am gonna try to upload it here, too!! Kiley’s Spanked Slut (this is the video, I hope you can watch it!! ) TONS of fun !!!!! Who’s next?!? 😉 K