I am still around, oh pervie ones!!

This is a really challenging time for all of us, I know this for sure!!

Rest asured I am well, I have been working from home and taking care to not be exposed to anything, which means right now I am also only playing with people I know and trust. Hopefully soon that will change, but right now, if you would like to get together for a play session and we have played together before, let me know so we can play again! Pay attention to my contact page, I am only available on Sundays and Mondays, and again, only to people I have played with before right now. I need to protect myself and my friends until things get just a little more under control here in  AZ.

This also means I haven’t played nearly enough for a while, and I have an itchy pervert finger, so I need to find a place to put it, LOLOL!!

If I know you, I hope to see you soon, and if not, be patient my little pervs, soon enough we will find out which of us is pervier (I guarantee its me, though, LOLOL!!)