Something I read this morning, and yes, it is about sex, LOL!!

I seem to have my mind in the sex gutter lately, wonder why?!? 😀

Anyhow, I read this particular blogger every week, he has a way of looking at the world that inspires me a bit, and sometimes he is just funny as hell!!

I do yoga sometimes, but I don’t follow the world of yoga or anything like that, so I though it was an interesting article for that reason, but I love what he says on page 2:

“Would you be interested to learn that real Tantric philosophy, by the way, has  almost nothing to do with sex as lustful orgasmic goal? That those cheesy Kama  Sutra books and related “Tantric sex” workshops are mostly a distortion, a myth,  a bastardized ad campaign designed to sell you what amounts to overpriced  massage oil and some softcore porn…Know this all ye who dare to care: Tantra is not a sex practice, and never  really was (though there are a handful of Tantric schools that employ some sex  ritual, it is far from the dominant theme). ”

Now I thought it was interesting to see someone come right out and say it. After all, isn’t Tantra supposed to make for the most incredible, amazing sex you have ever had in your entire life? Isn’t it supposed to cure you of what ails you sexually and make you an amazing lover, give you mind boggling orgasms the likes of which you have never had before or ever will have again, unless it is with a Tantric practitioner?

If you go read the Wikipedia page on Tantra ( , you will see that somewhere along the line, we here in the west decided to take a portion of Tantra and make it all mystically sexy. Sexual rituals were a very small part of Tantra until we got ahold of it, and now, when you say you are into Tantra, people automatically assume you like kinky sex.

I think we had to do that in order to make having amazing sex OK. By equating incredible orgasms with some mystical religious practice, we take away the idea that it is OK to just have amazing sex, no mystical BS needed (pssst…you don’t even have to be in love to have really good sex, you know that, right?). We are so uptight in this country about enjoying a most excellent romp in the hay, whenever and with whoever we want that we have to turn good sex into some big secret practice that only certain people are allowed to explore.

I say fuck that!! Go have that romp in the hay, explore your partner’s body and let your partner explore yours…relax, touch, feel, nibble, lick, even get a little kinky if you like (and your partner is willing, that is 😉 ). Or, if your partner is like me, grab her by the hair and throw her (or him, LOL!) down on the nearest sturdy piece of furniture or the floor and get to it. Just make sure you pay attention to your partner’s needs and your partner does the same for you…communication is key, not some magical words for really hot fucking 😉

Oh, and happy leapin’ hump day !!