Spanking as Therapy?

I think what you need is a good spanking !

Do you ever think about when you were younger and you got away with something you always thought you should get punished for, but never did?

Perhaps you are having trouble focusing on a particular goal at work or school?

Or maybe you have always thought about what it would be like to have a strong authority figure in your life, one who can hold you accountable for all the important things you need to accomplish every day?


Spanking may be just what you need.


Although I am not your typical Disciplinarian, since BDSM activities do play a large part in my life, I enjoy using spanking and discipline to help those that have past guilt issues they would like to move through or have goals they need to achieve and just need a little extra push to get there.

Through regular disciplinary sessions we can:

  • Give you permission to apologize for those misdeeds from your youth that are still plaguing you.
  • Help you become more focused on not only the main goal you have set, but also the intermediate goals you need to achieve in order to get to that big goal.
  • Give you that authority figure that will demand accountability on your part by not letting things slide and by holding you to the high level of expectation you require in order to become more successful.

If you are interested in meeting to discuss your particular disciplinary needs, I am happy to meet you in a public setting. We can discuss your needs and goals and begin to put together a disciplinary plan that will address those needs and goals.  By meeting in a public setting, you will not feel pressured to take a spanking at that very moment and you will have time to reflect on just how disciplinary sessions can be of benefit to you before starting on our journey together.

Please contact me and let’s get together…you may be very glad you’ve taken this first step !